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Again, God said, let ther be Firmament Amid the Waters, and let it divide The Waters from the Waters: and God made The case files neurology lange pdf download expanse of liquid, pure, Transparent, Elemental Air, diffus'd [ 265 ] In circuit to the uttermost convex Of this great Round: partition firm and sure, The Waters underneath from those above Dividing: for as Earth, so he the World Built on circumfluous Waters calme, in wide [ 270 Crystallin Ocean, and the loud misrule Of Chaos farr remov'd, least fierce extreames Contiguous might distemper the whole frame: And Heav'n he nam'd the Firmament: So Eev'n And Morning Chorus sung the second DayBy conflating Urania with the Holy Spirit, he implies that Greek tesis de administracion pdf download Roman civilization was indeed great and worthy of study, but mistaken in terms of religious truthWho seekes To lessen thee, against his purpose serves To manifest the more thy might: his evil [ 615 ] Thou usest, and from thence creat'st more goodThey then created a global village construction set pdf to download and commanded the pair to Be fruitful and fill the earthThat Earth now Seemd like to Heav'n, a seat where Gods might dwell, Or wander with delight, and love to haunt [ 330 ] Her sacred shades: though God had yet not rain'd Upon the Earth, and man to till the ground None was, but from the Earth a dewie Mist Went up and waterd all the ground, and each Plant of the field, which e're it was in the Earth [ 335 ] God made, and every Herb, before it grew On the green stemm; God saw that it was goodBut since thou hast voutsaf't [ 80 ] Gently for our instruction to impart Things above Earthly thought, which yet concernd Our knowing, as to highest wisdom seemd, Deign to descend now lower, and relate What may no less perhaps availe us known, [ 85 ] How first began this Heav'n which we behold Distant so high, with moving Fires adornd Innumerable, and this which yeelds or fills All space, the ambient Aire, wide interfus'd Imbracing round this florid Earth, what cause [ 90 ] Mov'd the Creator in his holy Rest Through all Eternitie so late to build In Chaos, and the work begun, how soon Absolv'd, if unforbid thou maist unfould What wee, not to explore the secrets aske [ 95 ] Of his Eternal Empire, but the more To magnifie his works, the more we knowMilton uses his poetic powers to emphasize the beauty and goodness of the original creation, where angels and humans were close together and could commune regularlyMean while the tepid Caves, and Fens and shoares Thir Brood as numerous hatch, from the Egg that soon Bursting with kindly rupture forth disclos'd Thir callow young, but featherd soon and fledge [ 420 ] They summ'd thir Penns, and soaring th' air sublime With clang despis'd the ground, under a cloud In prospect; there the Eagle and the Stork On Cliffs and Cedar tops thir Eyries build: Part loosly wing the Region, part more wise [ 425 ] In common, rang'd in figure wedge thir way, Intelligent of seasons, and set forth Thir Aierie Caravan high over Sea's Flying, and over Lands with mutual wing Easing thir flight; so stears the prudent Crane [ 430 ] Her annual Voiage, born on Windes; the Aire, Floats, as they pass, fann'd with unnumber'd plumes: From Branch to Branch the smaller Birds with song Solac'd the Woods, and spred thir painted wings Till Ev'n, nor then the solemn Nightingal [ 435 ] Ceas'd warbling, but all night tun'd her soft layes: Others on Silver Lakes and Rivers Bath'd Thir downie Brest; the Swan with Arched neck Between her white wings mantling proudly, Rowes Her state with Oarie feet: yet oft they quit [ 440 ] The Dank, and rising on stiff Pennons, towre The mid Aereal Skie: Others on ground Walk'd firm; the crested Cock whose clarion sounds The silent logo label rouge pdf download and th' other whose gay Traine Adorns him, colour'd with the Florid hue [ 445 ] Of Rainbows and Starrie EyesHere finish'd hee, and all that he had made View'd, and behold all was entirely good; So Ev'n and Morn accomplish't the Sixt day: [ 550 ] Yet not till the Creator from his work Desisting, though unwearied, up returnd Up to the Heav'n of Heav'ns his high abode, Thence to behold this new created World Th' addition of his Empire, how it shew'd [ 555 ] In prospect from his Throne, how good, how faire, Answering his great IdeaWherever thus created, for no close enough to kill beverly barton epub download [ 535 ] Is yet distinct by name, thence, as thou know'st He brought thee into this delicious Grove, This Garden, planted with the Trees of God, Delectable both to behold and taste; And freely all thir pleasant fruit for food [ 540 ] Gave thee, all sorts are here that all th' Earth yields, Varietie without end; but of the Tree Which tasted works knowledge of Good and Evil, Thou mai'st not; in the day thou eat'st, thou di'st; Death is the penaltie impos'd, beware, [ 545 ] And govern well thy appetite, least sin Surprise thee, and her black attendant Death

So Eev'n and Morn recorded the Third DayForthwith the Sounds and Seas, each Creek and Bay With Frie innumerable swarme, and Shoales [ 400 ] Of Fish that with thir Finns and shining Scales Glide under the green Wave, in Sculles that oft Bank the mid Sea: part single or with mate Graze the Sea weed thir pasture, and through Groves Of Coral stray, or sporting with quick glance [ 405 ] Show to the Sun thir wav'd coats dropt with Gold, Or in thir Pearlie shells at ease, attend Moist nutriment, or under Rocks thir food In jointed Armour watch: on smooth the Seale, And bended Dolphins play: part huge of bulk [ 410 ] Wallowing unweildie, enormous in thir Gate Tempest the Ocean: there Leviathan Hugest of living Creatures, on the Deep Stretcht like a Promontorie sleeps or swimmes, And seems a moving Land, and at his Gilles [ 415 ] Draws in, and at his Trunck spouts out a SeaImmediately the Mountains huge appeer [ 285 ] Emergent, and thir broad bare backs upheave Into the Clouds, thir tops ascend the Skie: So high as heav'd the tumid Hills, so low Down sunk a hollow bottom broad and deep, Capacious bed of Waters: thither they [ 290 ] Hasted with glad precipitance, uprowld As drops on dust conglobing from the drie; Part rise in crystal Wall, or ridge direct, For haste; such flight the great command impress'd On the swift flouds: as Armies at the call [ 295 ] Of Trumpet (for of Armies thou hast heard) Troop to thir Standard, so the watrie throng, Wave rowling after Wave, where way they found, If steep, with torrent rapture, if through Plaine, Soft-ebbing; nor withstood them Rock or Hill, [ 300 ] But they, or under ground, or circuit wide With Serpent errour wandring, found thir way, And on the washie Oose deep Channels wore; Easie, e're God had bid the ground be drie, All but within those banks, where Rivers now [ 305 ] Stream, and perpetual draw thir humid traineMilton then corrects the ancients with his Christian doctrine, while still following their epic pl sql basics pdf download oracle 10g client (no images) // 217kB Terms Of Use Privacy Policy FAQ Contact Up led by thee Into the Heav'n of Heav'ns I have presum'd, An Earthlie Guest, and drawn Empyreal Aire, Thy tempring; with like safetie guided down [ 15 ] Return me to my Native Element: Least from this flying Steed unrein'd, (as once Bellerophon, though from a lower Clime) Dismounted, on th' Aleian Field I fall Erroneous there to wander and forlorneThe Son then surveyed his work, saw that it was entirely good, and returned to Heaven, hanging the mortal universe directly beneath Heaven so that angels could easily commune back and forthDEscend from Heav'n Urania, by that name If rightly thou art call'd, whose Voice divine Following, above th' Olympian Hill I soare, Above the flight of Pegasean wingActive Themes 1cc1596b1f

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